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Improving Healthcare Quality and Affordability

The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality is the one place where those who provide healthcare, those who receive healthcare, and those who pay for healthcare come together to improve the quality and value of care for all the people of New Mexico.

“With the Affordable Care Act, the Coalition’s works is even more important. We need collaboration in the new environment.” Health System Leader       

Leading Health System Improvement

Our focus on quality and value helps everyone from the exam room to the board room.

  • Improving transparency through performance measurement and public reporting on quality.
  • Strengthening business and government purchaser buying power.
  • Supporting performance improvement through collaboration.

Areas of Current Focus

We bring private and public purchasers together with the provider community to measure and report on the value of healthcare services. This helps inform and facilitate employer decision making. 

  • Performance Measurement and Public Reporting: Measuring and publicly reporting on healthcare performance helps doctors and hospitals identify what is working well and areas for quality improvement.
  • Quality Improvement: Assisting healthcare doctors, nurses and hospitals to identify and implement techniques and protocols to improve patient care.
  • High Value Outcome-Focused Payment Reform: Improving the payment system by exploring new ways to pay doctors and hospitals using quality models of care to improve patient outcomes.


An initiative of the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with additional funding provided by HealthInsight New Mexico