The New Mexico Healthcare Quality website will no longer be updated beginning April 29, 2015

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How can employers help improve the quality of healthcare?

Employers are key players in improving the health of their employees by:
  • Joining the New Mexico Coalition with annual membership. Employer will have a voice at the healthcare improvement table.
  • Providing wellness programs that result in reduced healthcare and workers compensation costs.
  • Contracting with healthcare providers, health systems and health plans for quality services that improve employee outcomes and productivity.

How can I as a patient improve my care in the community?

Quality healthcare happens when people like you take an active role in your own care.
  • Become a partner with your doctor to create a more effective relationship. Write down your questions before your visit.
  • Add more vegetables and fresh fruits to your daily diet.
  • Increase your steps. Becoming more physically active is the number one prevention strategy for many chronic diseases. For more tips, visit

What is the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality?

The New Mexico Coalition is the only Southwest state out of 16 national initiatives sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Aligning Forces for Quality and supported by the nonprofit HealthInsight New Mexico.

As foundation funding ends April 2015, we have formed a new nonprofit to continue the work of improving the quality of healthcare for all. 

Our work has included:
  • Public reporting –available on this website—on the quality of treatment for chronic illnesses.
  • Strengthening employer purchasing power.
  • Improving healthcare quality at the patient bedside and in transitions of care.
  • Educating the public on emergency room use.

An initiative of the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with additional funding provided by HealthInsight New Mexico