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Making the Most of Your Doctor Appointments

Did you know that few patients make the most out of their doctor's appointments?

Quality health care happens when people take an active role in their own care, becoming partners with their doctors and helping manage their own health.

Here are four ways to be informed and involved in your care:

  1. Ask Questions. When you visit your doctor, take a list of questions or concerns. If you don't understand something or you want more information, ask your health care provider. They will appreciate your interest in your own care.
  2. Be involved in making decisions that affect your health. When your health care provider recommends treatment, ask questions about the treatment and information that can help you make an informed decision.
  3. Learn more. Ask questions and learn more about quality, health conditions and treatments, and ways to stay healthy. It's your health; you need to take care of it, too!
  4. Do your part to stay healthy. Stay up to date on your blood tests and other preventive care. Manage your conditions and follow your treatment plans if you are ill. Eat healthy foods, stay active and keep a healthy weight.

(Source: Oregon Healthcare Quality Corp.)

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