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December 2014

Getting On Board with Health Care's Value Proposition

Health care leaders in New Mexico, including employers and other key stakeholders, are finding creative ways to improve the state’s delivery system while managing overall costs. Together, these disparate groups are crafting ways to ensure that health care payments are tied to the value, and not the volume, of the services delivered. These efforts are led by the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality which has brought together providers, patients, employers and insurers to help improve regional health care.

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Reaching People Where They Are: On the Highway, in Giant Trucks

The New Mexico Alliance had a dilemma. The three major health care providers in the Albuquerque metro area were struggling to find a way to tell patients not to use the emergency departments for non-emergency situations, without making it seem like they were turning people away. No one hospital wanted to be perceived as unwelcoming. The Alliance brought the hospitals together and borrowed a tested messaging campaign from the northwest part of the state. The campaign mostly used radio advertising—and in New Mexico, where people drive long distances every day, radio proved to be a surprisingly effective way to reach people. The Urgent/Emergent radio campaign was a great success, with ER visits decreasing by more than 1,000 visits as compared to the previous year.



October 2013

New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality Receives Gold Cumbre Award from the New Mexico Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (NMPRSA) for Community Awareness Campaign

The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality was honored to receive a Gold Cumbre Award for its recent "Is it an urgency or emergency?" community awareness campaign. The NMPRSA Cumbre Public Relations Campaign Awards are given for outstanding achievement in a comprehensive public relations campaign. Entries are evaluated on the basis of multiple communication tools, programs or components and planning and evaluation activities. Click here to learn more about this award.


November 2014

New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality Tackles Tough Healthcare Issues at Albuquerque Conference

Albuquerque, NM -- How do you get hospital CEOs, New Mexico lawmakers, state officials, health plan operators, nurses, doctors and even private employers to work on the necessary, but not always easy to tackle, issues of healthcare quality improvement, transparency and payment reform?

It is a challenge the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality has been working on since 2009, and at a conference on Thursday in Albuquerque, they delivered a snapshot of how consumers have benefited from their efforts as well as the next steps for the group.


September 2013

New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality's Quarterly Newsletter

This issue of the newsletter provides updates on the coalition's Payment Redesign efforts, expansion of the coalition's public reporting efforts, and new Steering Committee members. Click here to read more about the coalition's efforts.

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