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New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value Launches

Healthcare just got better for New Mexicans as New Mexico Coaltion for Healthcare Value launches

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – New Mexicans will soon benefit from a new organization aimed at maximizing the value of healthcare for everyone in the state. Those who provide healthcare, pay for healthcare and receive healthcare joined forces forming New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value.

New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value is an employer-led, multi-stakeholder, nonprofit group. It is the positive result and fruition of the work of the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality, an initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) and HealthInsight New Mexico that has operated in Albuquerque and surrounding three counties.

"We have evolved from a nationally funded grant program to one that is financed and operated by those who pay for care, provide care and receive care. We've made this leap through member acknowledgement of past achievements, from working together as a collaborative group, and we now share a vision for future success because of those collaborative efforts," Mark Saiz, the newly elected chair of New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value, said.

"We have a common goal for New Mexico – to have the most affordable, highest quality healthcare in the nation – a key to attract and retain jobs and improve the health and quality of life for all New Mexicans. In addition to improving the value and quality of healthcare, the Coalition is a neutral resource for employers, clinicians, insurance companies, and consumers to exchange ideas, concepts and data," Saiz said. "Through the original work of the Coalition, members built a foundation, cultivated through the collaboration of all members in launching successful healthcare initiatives over the past few years. We now want to be an innovative force for increasing the value of healthcare and setting higher expectations for the healthcare we purchase and receive in New Mexico."

He said the founding member organizations have signed letters of commitment, pledged talent and contributed money to create the initial funding for the organization. These founding members will spend the next few weeks establishing the organization's vision and mission focused on increasing the value of healthcare. They will design the governance structure, including establishing officers, developing bylaws, approving the initial budget and mapping the goals for the organization.

The founding members elected Romero-Hart as vice chair and Lucero as secretary/treasurer.

Saiz said New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value is extending an open invitation to other employers, clinicians, health plans, and community resources to join and get involved in helping reach its goals.

"As members of the NM Coalition for Healthcare Quality, we worked together, learned important lessons and built a community of trust. The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value, our new partnership, is ready to tackle our overall goals of better health, better care, transparency and healthcare cost reform for all New Mexicans," Saiz said.

Founding organization members and their representatives include:

  • Albuquerque Public Schools, Vera Dallas;
  • Bernalillo County, Chuck Griffith;
  • City of Albuquerque, Mark Saiz;
  • HealthInsight New Mexico, Margy Wienbar;
  • New Mexico Health Connections, Kiko Torres MD;
  • New Mexico Retiree Healthcare Authority; Mark Tyndall;
  • PNM Resources, Greg Lucero;
  • Presbyterian Health Plan, Ron Parton MD;
  • Presbyterian Medical Services, Steve Hanson;
  • Sandia National Laboratories, Mary Romero- Hart.

The offices of New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value will be at 5801 Osuna NE, Suite 200. Anyone interested in learning more, is encouraged to visit the website at


The New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value -- Better Care, Smarter Spending and Healthier People.

An initiative of the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with additional funding provided by HealthInsight New Mexico